Dr. Samina Zia Sheikh

Dean(look after)/Associate Professor
Faculty of Photography, Fine and Performing Arts

Dr. Samina Zia Sheikh is currently Associate Professor at Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design and Heritages, Sindh. She has served almost 29+ years in the field of Art & Design in HEC recognized Institutions. She served National College of Art in years 1999 to 2007 as Assistant Professor and contributed in the departments of Fine Arts, Textile Design, Product Design and Foundation. She served UOG as Head of Department at School of Art and Design, from 2008 to 2009 and as In-charge FITFD-GCUF of morning/evening programs in 2010 she contributed as administrator/academician in BFA program and initiated diploma program in evening. In University of the Punjab she contributed in numerous programs such as BFA, B. Arch, MFA and MPhil and supervised MPhil theses at Research Centre PUCAD. She has also contributed in academia as external examiner in various universities offering Art & Design in Pakistan. Ms. Sheikh made every effort to inculcate exposure to art professionals. Her professional contributions in academics as member Board of Studies, member Selection Board, member Academic Council, member Syndicate are of great value.

At Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design and Heritages, Sindh she is serving as Dean/In-charge Faculty of Photography, Fine and Performing Arts (FP2A). Ms. Sheikh has proven to be a well sought-after professional who has worked as member NCRC-HEC and developed curriculum of Fine Arts for B.F.A 4-Years Degree Program that is followed in all HEC Recognized universities of Pakistan. She has also contributed in Aga Khan Examination Board Karachi and developed SSC/HSC Art and Model Drawing examination syllabus at Secondary (IX-X) and Higher level (XI/XII) based on national curriculum indicating learning materials and development of test items.

Ms. Sheikh has shown outstanding performance in the field of Research and has published several research papers in national and international Research Journals. Apart from her research contributions in the field of Art & Design, she has also held two (02) Solo exhibitions and as member of Artists’ Association of Punjab and other art forums she participated in several national and international exhibitions.


  1. • Wooden Balconies in Andrūn Bhāṫi Gate- from Bhāṫi Gate to Bāzār-i Ḥakīmān.
  2. • Abandoned Railway Station: Bhoe Asal –Reverberation from 1945.
  3. • Misinterpretation of Women on Cinema Boards in Pakistani Culture.
  4. • Syncretism of Dissimilar Arches in Lahore Fort Complex.
  5. • Chinese Influence in Persian Manuscript Illustrations.
  6. • Persian Allegory of Chinoiserie Motifs-Dragon and Phoenix or Simurgh
  7. • Historical outline of Regional multiplicity, evolution of Literature and its significance in Persian Manuscript Illustrations
  8. • Persian Allegory of Chinoiserie Motifs-Peonies, Lotuses, Clouds and Water.
  9. • Post modern Conceptual approach in Contemporary Art of Pakistan.
  10. • Moti Masjid, Pearl of Lahore Fort.
  11. • A Contemporary Move towards Study of Light and Colours: An Analysis of Munawar Mohiud Din’s Landscape Paintings.
  12. • Impact of truck art, as popular culture on Pakistani society.
  13. • Shiraz School of Manuscript Illustrations: A Synthesis of Innovation and Expansion
  14. • Historical implication of burial tradition in ancient civilizations, and funerary architecture in Islam.
  15. • Historical orientation of craft and dissimilar regional styles of Lac-turnery in Pakistan.
  16. • Imaginative Realism: An Analytical Study of Ustad Abdul Majid’s Autodidactic Landscape Paintings
  17. • Indigenous Influences on Ajanta Paintings and Expansion of Ajanta influence on subsequent Indian cultures and tradition of wall painting in Rajasthan.


  1. • Artist’s Association of Punjab. Alhamra Art Galleries, Lahore. 1990.
  2. • Annual Exhibition of National Council of Arts. Alhamra Art Galleries, Lahore. 1991.
  3. • Exhibition of Painting, graphic and sculpture by “Artist’s Association of Punjab.” Alhamra Art Galleries, 1991.
  4. • “Fresh Vision” by the Artists under 30, P.N.C.A. Islamabad. 6th December 1991.
  5. • Graphic Prints, Etching & Collagraphs. Alhamra Art Galleries, Lahore. 20th February 1993. (Solo)
  6. • Print Makers and Miniature Artists, Nairang Galleries, Lahore. 20th May 1992.
  7. • Women Artists, Graduated from N.C.A. Rohtas Gallery, Islamabad, 3rd March 1992.
  8. • Shaukat Khanum Trust Exhibition, Group Show Fund Raising Campaign, 1992.
  9. • Paintings by Young Artists. Lahore Arts Council, Alhamra Art Galleries, Lahore. 3rd August, 1992.
  10. • Exhibition of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture by “Artist’s Association of Punjab.” 29th May 1993.
  11. • Exhibition of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture by the “Lahore Arts Council.” Alhamra Art Galleries, Lahore. 18th August 1993.
  12. • 6th National Exhibition of Visual Arts. P.N.C.A, Islamabad. 1994
  13. • Exhibition of Young Painters by “Lahore Arts Council.” Alhamra Arts Galleries, Lahore. 10th January 1994.
  14. • Exhibition by the “Artists Association of Punjab.” Alhamra Arts Galleries, Lahore. 28th May 1994.
  15. • Exhibition of Paintings by the Women Painters of Pakistan, National Art Gallery, Islamabad. November 1994.
  16. • Exhibition of Painting in Amman, Jordon, Lebanon. Royal Cultural Center, Jordon. December 1994.
  17. • “Art Mela” by Co-Opera Art Galleries, Lahore. 1999.
  18. • “Imprints” Exhibition of Graphics Prints by Graduates of Mayo School of Arts & National College of Arts, Co-Opera Art Gallery, Lahore. 24th October 2000.
  19. • Scope X, Exhibition by the faculty of National College of Arts, Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq Galleries, National College of Arts Lahore. NCA, Lahore. April 2003.
  20. • Graphic Viscosity Prints, Etching & Collagraphs. Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq Galleries, National College of Arts, Lahore. 6th November 2004. (Solo)
  21. • Faculty Art Exhibition, GUDRI, PUCAD, Old, Campus, PU. 2014.
  22. • Exhibition of Safe studio practice workshop of Electro etching- SABSU in collaboration with King Mongkut University of Technology, Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand. Shaheed Allah Bakhsh Soomro University of Art, Design and Heritages, Jamshoro, Sindh. 17th January 2021.