The Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design and Heritage, Sukkur, Sindh, is a unique concept that amalgamates Art, Architecture, Design, and Heritage together under the Vision that AU is “custodian of true shades of Art, Architecture, Design & Heritage of Region and beyond.” As for as the Mission of the University is concerned, it states, “making the unplumbed Art, Architecture, Design & Heritage accessible, inclusive and meaningful through multiple approaches of technological improvisations, creative & critical thinking integrated with written, oral & visual expressions appreciating the richness of cultural diversity & values.” In keeping with this vision and mission, the QEC aims to bring the education standards of the AU to par with international best practices in higher education. The establishment of QEC at AU aims to strive and play its role in boosting the knowledge-based economy of Pakistan.

Message from Director QEC

The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at Aror University works to improve the standards of quality education, research, and governance of the university. The QEC believes in enhancing academic quality by implementing a quality assessment mechanism through Self-Assessment Process. This process leads to the Self-Assessment Report (SAR). According to Higher Education Commission, the main objective of preparing SAR is “to improve academic programs and ensure high academic standards by providing feedback for faculty and administration to initiate an action plan for improvement.”

At the same, the QEC is responsible for liaising with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and other Accreditation Bodies like Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners (PCATP). Simultaneously, the QEC believes in making linkages by signing the MoUs with different HEIs in Pakistan and abroad to exchange ideas for innovation and quality assurance in academia.

The QEC at AU strives to ensure better governance, quality of teaching, and impactful and applied research.

Dr. Mujahid Mehdi
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Design, and Director QEC
Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design and Heritage Sukkur
QEC Team

Mr. Muhammad Hussain Khorasany

Designation: Deputy Director - QEC