Department of Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Gaming

Vision Statement of AI & MMG

The vision is to produce competent professionals in the field of AI & MMG to the benefit of industry and society contributing globally.

Mission Statement of AI & MMG

“The mission is to educate and train students to become competent professionals to serve the society in many ways. To prepare our new generation and equipped them with the modern state-of-the-art curriculum. To equip students with interdisciplinary skill sets to be able to build intelligent systems which in turn provides dynamic and promising careers in the global marketplace.”

Introduction to AI & MMG

The department of AI and Multimedia Gaming aims to produce AI engineers, Gaming experts and researchers, who are capable enough to think critically and solve emerging problems. A team of dedicated faculty members are available full-time. Faculty offers a blended approach to classroom teaching including research, and hands-on training to understand complex concepts and theories.

Programs Offered in AI-Multimedia Gaming

  1. 1. BS Artificial Intelligence
  2. 2. BS Multimedia & Gaming

List of faculty