Zahid Hussain Soomro

Faculty of Photography, Fine and Performing Arts
Zahid Hussain Soomro is lecturer in FP2A Aror University of Art, Architecture Design and Heritage an accomplished artist who obtained his Bachelors in Fine Arts from National College of Arts Lahore. He completed his M.A (Hon’s) Visual Arts, demonstrating his dedication to advancing his artistic skills and knowledge from NCA. Zahid Hussain Soomro has showcased his artworks in various exhibitions. His unique artistic style incorporates a mix of contemporary and traditional elements. Zahid Hussain Soomro’s works are not only aesthetically pleasing but also convey a message. He uses his art to comment on social, cultural, and political issues prevalent in society. His paintings, sculptures, and installations showcase his keen observation of society. Zahid Hussain Soomro has made significant contributions to the art world in Pakistan. His innovative and thought-provoking artworks have made him a respected figure in the art community, and he continues to inspire other artists with his work.


  1. • Working as a Visual Artist in relevant fields since 2006 till to date.
  2. • Lecturer at Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design and Heritage, Sindh June 29, 2022 till to date.


  1. • Four Years’ Scholarship of Sindh Fine Textile Mills Ltd. Karachi, Sindh given by Iftikhar Soomro. 2002-2006.
  2. • Two Years’ “Shaheed Allah Bakhsh Soomro scholarship” given by Hamir Soomro, Karachi, Sindh. 2015-2017.


  1. • 2021: Artwork included in Furqan Ahmed’s Collection titled “Finding Jinnah: Contemporary Art in Pakistan” book launch was held in Canvas Gallery, Karachi.


  1. • Thesis project: (SOLO) Painting presentation on “Pakistan through my eyes “presented at National College of Arts Gallery Lahore. 2006.
  2. • Thesis project: (SOLO) Painting presentation on “Toys “presented at National College of Art Gallery Lahore. 2016
  3. • “Artistic Freedom” (SOLO) held at ArtChowk Gallery, Karachi. 2022.
  4. • Participated in VASAL_ Shanaakht International Exhibition held at Karachi Arts Council. Pakistan. 2007.
  5. • Participated in an international exhibition held at Alhamra Art Galleries, Lahore. 2008.
  6. • Participated in a group exhibition held at Canvas Gallery Karachi. 2009.
  7. • Participated in a group exhibition held at Canvas Gallery, Karachi. 2011
  8. • Participated in a group exhibition held at Indus Art Gallery, Karachi. 2011.
  9. • Participated in a group exhibition held at Nairang Art Gallery, Lahore. 2011.
  10. • Participated in a group exhibition held at Koel Art Gallery, Karachi. 2014.
  11. • Participated in a group exhibition held at Canvas Gallery, Karachi. 2014.
  12. • Participated in a group exhibition held at Full Circle Gallery, Karachi. 2017
  13. • Participated in a group show at ArtOne62 Gallery, Karachi, 2022.
  14. • Participated in a Group show held at State Bank of Pakistan Museum & Art Gallery, Karachi. 2022.


  1. • Painting Project for Eden Towers, Lahore. 2000.
  2. • Conceptualized and executed freelance painting projects, Lahore. 2004- 2005.
  3. • Painting Project for Kehkashan Campus- the City School, Shikarpur Branch, Sindh. 2018.
  4. • Pop Art Painting Project for New York City funded by Catherine Weinstock, America. 2019 2020.
  5. • Participated as an Artist researcher in Dubai Expo and worked as artist and coordinator in “Aina Kari Works, Shish Mahal of Lahore Fort.” 2020-2021


  1. • Participated in “Four week calligraphy workshop “at NCA, Lahore conducted by Ustad Gohar Qalam. 2001.
  2. • Participated in a workshop on “Critical Appraisal for Arts work ” awarded by British Council Pakistan, held in Lahore. 2003.


  1. • Participated in VASAL International Residency, Lahore. 2008.