3rd Meeting of the Finance Planning Committee (FPC) of Aror University Sukkur was held on Friday April 05, 2024. The meeting aimed to discuss the revised estimates FY 2023-24 and Budget Estimates for FY 2024-25, discussed the solar energy system on “BOT” model. Financial progress of ADP & PSDP and MOU signed for the establishment of OGDCL Game Design Lab were also reported. During the meeting the learned members actively contributed their valuable insights, suggestions, and recommendations. The members approved all the recommendations of the FPC meeting. The meeting also discussed the recommended graduity and provident fund policy for the employees of Aror University.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Zahid Hussain Khand, Vice Chancellor Aror University Sukkur, he extended his gratitude to all the learned members for their time and making it possible to convene the meeting.

The meeting was attended by the following members:

1- Mr. Adnan Kehar – Member Senate.

2- Mr. Syed Mehdi Shah – Additional Secretary University & Boards Department Sindh

3- Mr. Feroze Ahmed Mahar – Director Finance Sindh HEC

4- Prof. Dr. Zameer Abro – Dean Faculty of Design (Aror University)

6- Abdul Haleem Soomro – Director Finance (Aror University)