1st Board of Studies Meeting Successfully Conducted for the Establishment of the New Program Tourism & Hospitality at Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design, & Heritage Sukkur, Sindh – May 29, 2023 –

The Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design, & Heritage is pleased to announce the successful completion of the 1st Board of Studies meeting, held on May 29, 2023. The meeting took place at the Executive Conference Hall, located within the Vice-Chancellor’s Secretariat. The primary agenda of this milestone gathering was to discuss and establish the New Program in Tourism & Hospitality.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Qasim Sodhar and it brought together a distinguished panel of experts in the field of Tourism and Hospitality. The Board of Studies members included:

Dr. Qasim Sodhar (In-chair)
Dr. Anas Mahmud Arif (Expert)
Dr. Zulifqar Ali Kalhoro (Expert)
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Lahbar (Expert)
Mr. Raheel Sarwar (Expert)
Mr. Rashid Ali (Lecturer, Faculty of Heritage, Aror University)

The Board of Studies meeting served as a pivotal platform for collaborative discussions and strategic planning to shape the future of Tourism & Hospitality studies at Aror University. The esteemed members, each bringing their vast knowledge and experience to the table, engaged in constructive deliberations, and exchanged valuable insights to lay the foundation of an exceptional program that meets the evolving needs of the industry and society.

Dr. Qasim Sodhar, the Chairperson of the meeting, expressed his enthusiasm and stated, “The establishment of the New Program in Tourism & Hospitality at Aror University signifies a significant milestone in our commitment to providing quality education in diverse disciplines. We are confident that this program will produce skilled professionals who will contribute significantly to the growth and development of the tourism and hospitality sector in our region.”

The experts present at the meeting shared their expertise and offered valuable suggestions, emphasizing the importance of industry-relevant curriculum, practical training, and fostering industry-academia collaborations to enhance students’ employability and ensure a well-rounded learning experience.