World Heritage Day is celebrated annually on April 18th to raise awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting cultural heritage sites and monuments around the world. On this day, various events and initiatives are organized worldwide to promote cultural diversity and heritage.

At Aror University of Art Architecture Design and Heritage in Sukkur, Pakistan, a series of events were organized to mark World Heritage Day. The honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Zahid Hussain Khand, inaugurated posters showcasing the heritage of the Aror area in Sukkur region. Additionally, a book on Alor, a historical site in the region, was also inaugurated, along with a project focused on the conservation and preservation of Sadu Bella in Sukkur region.

During the event, Prof. Dr. Zahid Hussain Khand also expressed his pleasure about the acquisition of a Fero laser device, which will be used for simulation and research purposes by the faculty. The device is expected to enhance the quality of research and education in the field of architecture and heritage studies at the university.

Overall, the World Heritage Day celebrations at Aror University highlighted the importance of preserving cultural heritage sites and monuments, and showcased ongoing efforts towards achieving this goal in the region.

The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at Aror University of Art Architecture Design and Heritage in Sindh, Pakistan, held an exhibition to showcase the work of students and faculty in honor of World Heritage Day. The exhibition was specifically focused on the Aror region and was organized by the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Dr. Javeria Shaikh, who holds a PhD degree.

The exhibition was an opportunity for students and faculty to present their research, projects, and designs related to heritage conservation, preservation, and management in the Aror region. The exhibition aimed to raise awareness about the importance of cultural heritage and to highlight ongoing efforts towards the preservation of heritage sites and monuments in the region.