Vision Statement

The History Program intends to enable students to know the complexities of past historical inquiry, to enhance their critical thinking, and to improve their understanding of the world around them. Further, to strengthen the quality of research in social sciences, to enlighten the students by enhancing and matching their knowledge with current trends of market demands, and to enhance the student capabilities to compete in competitive exams and other fields.

Mission Statement

The mission of the History Program is to train students as professional historians by imparting critical thinking and analysis of sources. The students will be able to comprehend the change and continuity of historical events and developments in society.

Introduction of Program

The History Program offers a four-year degree program. The department has gotten qualified, highly motivated, and visionary faculty to ensure quality education in the region. The interdisciplinary approach is adopted to interact with different faculties and students to enhance their interdisciplinary knowledge. The environment of the classes is decorated with different historical maps, buildings, and historical personalities to motivate students to learn. The Faculty of Heritage has a very beautiful library with huge collections of books. The graduates of the Program will have career-orientated opportunities in academic and other professional fields.

Scope of Program (4 Years Model)

The History Program aims to provide a historical approach to the historical events that unfolded on the world stage by adopting the current trends of history in academia.

List of faculty

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 01 Equip students with practical skills such as using libraries, preparing bibliographies, consulting primary sources, using maps, examining secondary literature, assessing sources critically, and working in archives.
PEO 02 Inculcate historical consciousness about the human past.
PEO 03 Encourage analytical and interpretative approaches toward historical facts.
PEO 04 Provide an in-depth, critical introduction to the theoretical, conceptual, and epistemological foundations of the academic discipline of History.
PEO 05 Locate the role of the masses in the course of history, particularly the role of marginalized and subaltern groups.
PEO 06 Acquaint the students with main political events, cultural and intellectual debates, religious movements, and social issues.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

PLO 01 To develop awareness among the students about the cultural heritage of Pakistan
PLO 02 Apprise the students of multiple approaches and diverse perspectives on the development of society and cultural evolution.
PLO 03 Make the students aware of the development in the world history
PLO 04 Furnish students with knowledge of political, constitutional, and historical development in Pakistan before and after 1947.
PLO 05 Train the students to use historical knowledge to resolve the socio-economic, political, and intellectual problems of the state and society.

Program Details