On May 2, 2024, at the Executive Conference Hall in the Admin Block of Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design & Heritage, Sukkur, the successful 2nd Board of Studies meeting for the BS Archaeology program was held. Chaired by Mr. Shafique Ahmed, the Program In-Charge of History and Archaeology, the meeting centered on aligning the course scheme in the light of HEC’s new undergraduate policy and the university’s vision, mission, and the strategic direction of the Heritage Faculty and Archaeology Program. Members including Dr. Qasim Sodhar, Head of the Faculty, Mr. Muhammad Amin, and Mr. Rashid Ali, along with distinguished experts such as Prof. Dr. Tasleem Alam Abro from Shah Abdul Latif University, Dr. Sadeed Arif and Dr. Moueez Din Hakal from Quaid-i-Azam University, and Dr. Ifqat Shaheen from the University of Punjab, Lahore actively engaged in discussions. Their invaluable suggestions and recommendations paved the way for the program’s continued enhancement. The meeting concluded with sincere gratitude expressed by the participants, highlighting the collaborative effort driving the program’s success.