Aror University is going to organize the first-ever International Symposium titled “Inclusion of Art and Design in Various Professions to Promote Tolerance in Organizational Behavior” on 19th & 20th May 2023. The major objective of the symposium is to initiate a dialogue about the importance of the fields of Art and Design.

On the one hand, the symposium may generate a debate about the discouragement of the said fields in the curricula and different professions. At the same, since AU believes in the enhancement of the fields like Art, Architecture, Design, and Heritage, the symposium can bridge the gap between these unique fields and the other fields in higher education.

The symposium will involve educationists from Pakistan and abroad, government officials (Federal and Provincial Ministers), professionals in the field of Art and Design, and representatives from HEC, Islamabad, and SHEC, in the dialogue for promoting art and design in the country.