Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design, and Heritage, Sukkur, hosted a Logo Winner Meeting on September 15th, 2023 at Aror University.
Mr. Tariq Ali Abro, a well-known artist, emerged triumphant, who captured the hearts and minds of the judges with his exceptional design. His logo design not only possessed striking visual appeal but also artfully encapsulated the spirit and essence of the university, accentuating its rich heritage and unwavering commitment to excellence.
The worthy Vice-Chancellor Prof.Dr. Zahid Hussain Khand presented Mr. Tariq Ali Abro with a distinguished cash award of PKR 100,000, as well as a certificate of appreciation and the traditional Sindhi Ajrak. These accolades are an acknowledgment of his outstanding design and the profound impact he has on the university’s visual identity.
The meeting was attended by university faculty, and guests from the Design, Heritage, and Art community.