Aror University Sukkur just concluded a 2-day comprehensive training session for essential/support staff. The training focused on Personal Grooming and Service Management, ensuring our staff members are equipped with the necessary skills to provide exceptional service to our university community.

We were honored to have a distinguished trainer from Pakistan’s renowned restaurant chain, Royal Taj Restaurant, imparting their expertise to our staff members. They shared valuable insights on personal grooming and effective service management, helping our team elevate their professionalism and deliver an outstanding experience to all.

Our Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Zahid Hussain Khand, graced the closing ceremony with inspiring remarks, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our staff members. To express our gratitude, a special cultural souvenir was presented to the trainer from Royal Taj Restaurant, symbolizing the cultural exchange and collaboration that took place during this event.

The Registrar, Dr. Pir Suhail Sarhandi, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks to the enthusiastic audience, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and growth. The participants’ active engagement and eagerness to learn were truly commendable.

To commemorate their successful completion of the training, certificates were awarded to all the participants, recognizing their commitment to personal and professional development. We are proud of our essential/support staff for their dedication to improving their skills and enhancing the quality of services provided at Aror University Sukkur.