1st meeting of the Board of Studies for the Bachelor of Architecture Program was held on 1st June 2023. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the program’s Mission, PEOs, and PLOs along with the course scheme to improve it according to the HEC standards and for quality architecture education. The proposal of initiating a program of Bachelor of Interior Design was also presented as the second agenda of the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by the Program In-charge (B-Arch) Ar. Khuda Bux Phulpoto and the experts were called for an online interactive discussion session.

The members for the BOS of Architecture program included four expert members from the architecture professional and academic fields.
1 Ar. Mansoor Ghanchi (Principal Architect Habib Fida Ali) ,
2 Dr.Ravinder Kumar (Ass. Professor NED University Department on Urban Planning),
3 Dr. Saeed-Uddin (Ass. Professor NED Department of Architecture)
4 Dr. Waqas Ahmed (Chairperson BUITEMS Department of Architecture).

The notable members from the Aror University included

Dr. Javeria Sheikh (Look After in-Charge FATP),
Ar. Khudabux Phulpoto (Program in-Charge B-Arch),
Ar. Birrah Agha (Lecturer FATP)
Ar. Wamiq Khan (Lecturer FATP).

The experts reviewed the course details of B-Arch and provided their insights related to the improvement of the course scheme by revising the terminologies in the PLO statements and providing more credit hour weightage to the courses of Environment, Energy, sustainable design, and heritage conservation. They encouraged the inclusion of technological, environmental, and digital aspects of the architecture discipline in the scheme; along with it they also enlightened the need for more expert and qualified faculty to teach the required subjects. The experts agreed to the need for a Program Bachelor of Interior Design in our institutions and region. Their opinions and critics regarding the course standards provided a guideline to further improve the course names and contents.