The 1st ever BoS meeting for the Civil Engineering Program was held on 2nd June 2023.

The meeting was chaired by Sadaqat Hussain, Program Incharge (Civil Engineering) at Aror University.

Other Participants were:
1- Dr. Nafees Memon, Professor of Civil Engineering MUET Jamshoro (Expert)
2- Dr. Mohsin Ali, Professor of Civil Engineering QUEST Nawabshah (Expert)
3- Dr. Naeem Aziz, Professor of Civil Engineering MUET Jamshoro (Expert)
4- Dr. Javeria Shaikh, FATP, Aror University (Special Invitee)
5- Dr AQ Bhatti, (Special Invitee)
6- Engr. Zarif Iqbal Khero, Chief Engineer Irrigation Department GoS.
7- Shuban Ali, Lecturer Civil Engineering (BOS Member)
8- Gulzar Hussain, Lecturer Civil Engineering Aror University (Special Invitee)

The board discussed and reviewed the proposed Course Scheme of the Civil Engineering Program along with the Mission, PEOs, CLOs, and their mapping with the Program mission. Further, the discussion was also made on Course Folder content by following PEC guidelines.

Experts praised the proposed scheme which was presented before the experts from the renowned universities and various suggestions were put forth regarding the inclusion of new courses, adjustments to existing courses, and updates to learning outcomes. It was agreed that the experts would further refine the proposed changes. Also, the board considered the introduction of new courses to enhance the program offerings. Several ideas were presented, including a course on emerging and an elective focused on interdisciplinary studies.