The 2nd Board of Studies (BoS) meeting for the Bachelor of Textile and Fashion Design was held on 4th June 2024 at Senate Hall, Aror University, Sukkur. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Najeeb Jatoi, Program In-Charge of Textile Design, and Mr. Murtaza Baloch, Program In-Charge of Fashion Design, Faculty of Design.

The following faculty members participated in the meeting:

Prof. Dr. Zamir Ahmed Abro, Professor (Member)

– Dr. Mujahid Mehdi, Assistant Professor (Member)

Ms. Samina Junejo, Assistant Professor (Member)

– Ms. Shaheen Fatima, Lecturer (Member)

– Ms. Fiza Jumani, Lecturer (Member)

– Ms. Preeti Rani, Lecturer (Special Invitee)

– Mr. Raheel Hakro, Lecturer (Special Invitee)

The experts who contributed their enlightening thoughts were:

1. Dr. Tayyab Naveed, Associate Professor, UMT, Lahore

2. Ms. Arooj Shahid, Assistant Professor, Iqra University, Islamabad

3. Mr. Waqas Qureshi, Senior Textile Designer

4. Mr. Umer Hilaly, Field Expert, Fashion and Textile, Karachi

The main agenda was the presentation and proposal of the scheme of study for the BS Textile Design and BS Fashion Design as per the rules and regulations defined in the Undergraduate Education Policy (UGEP) 2023, which will be implemented for the upcoming batches from the Fall semester of 2024.

The experts suggested focusing on courses related to indigenous handicrafts and entrepreneurship, making them compulsory. They appreciated the Faculty of Design’s recent establishment of a studio with the latest equipment, which is essential for work-based learning, and the progressive plans to encourage students to participate in internship programs in various industries. Each expert’s advice and recommendations offered various solutions and room for improvement in the schemes. The overall course scheme was found to be satisfactory and well-designed.