Another milestone of Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design, and Heritage Sindh. The initial memorandum of understanding MoU signing meeting with Dalian Polytechnic University University China was held Online on March 31, 2023, at 12 noon.

The Honorable Vice Chancellor served as the meeting’s chair, and other participants included Dr. Zamir Abro, Dean, Dr. Pir Suhail Sarhandi, Registrar, Dr. Sabab Ali Shah, Assistant Professor, Musadiq Badar, Assistant Professor, and Najeeb Jatoi, Assistant Professor all from the Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design, and Heritage Sukkur.

The meeting was presided over by Vice President An Qingda and attended by Wang Shang, Dean, Wang Sahng, Vice-Dean, Yu Yan, and other school officials from Dalian Polytechnic University.

This MoU aims to exchange Undergraduate Students, Staff, and Faculty Members within the Universities for various teacher training, short courses, capacity building, and faculty development programs.
By mutual consent of the two universities, Aror University students can avail the opportunity to get fully financed/paid internships during their studies, and faculty, staff, and graduate students can be nominated for fully funded Chinese Government Scholarships.

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