The Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) of Aror University Sukkur, recently organized a study trip to the Mari Gas Field in Daharki for the student of Fall and Spring batches of Environmental Sciences. The study trip aimed to provide students with practical exposure to the operations and management of Gas field particularly related with the Environmental sciences.

Dr Sabab Ali Shah (Director ORIC) as the head coordinator of the study trip, along with the students and the faculty members, embarked on this educational journey. The trip begins with a briefing session, followed by lunch, where experts from the gas field explained the significance of the Mari Gas Field.

Apart from the technical aspects, the students also learned about the environmental and safety measures implemented at the gas field. Experts also engaged the faculty members and students in debate over the core principles of HSE (Health, Safety, & Environment) measures and other Environmental issues in region and surroundings. They were also educated about the importance of sustainable practices taken to minimize the impact on the environment.

After the detailed analysis in initial session the students were given a comprehensive tour of the gas field, which included visits to the various operational sites and facilities. They were able to witness the extraction, processing, and distribution of natural gas.

Furthermore, the students had the opportunity to interact with Environmental professionals working in different departments of the gas field. These interactions allowed them to gain insights into the technical aspects of the gas field, as well as their various career opportunities available in the industry.

Overall, the study trip to the Mari Gas Field in Daharki organized by ORIC of Aror University proved to be an enriching and insightful experience for the participating students. It provided them with a practical understanding of the gas industry and its operations, as well as valuable networking opportunities with industry professionals.