Mission Statement

To train designers that can lead fashion with their creative skills, incorporating classic, contemporary, and unique ideas with technologies. Appreciating and supporting the richness of local culture, craft, and traditions.

Introduction of Program

At Aror, we highly value and appreciate the richness of local culture, craftsmanship, and traditions. It is our belief that by embracing and supporting these elements, we can foster a fashion landscape that not only pushes boundaries but also pays homage to the profound cultural heritage that surrounds us. Throughout the academic journey in this program, students will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of fashion design, including draping techniques, pattern craftsmanship, and unconventional approaches to design.

Our meticulously crafted curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the cultural significance of fashion. We encourage students to draw inspiration from diverse cultural traditions, allowing them to infuse their creations with a unique and authentic touch. By integrating national and international perspectives, our curriculum prepares students to navigate the diverse and ever-evolving fashion industry. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of different design approaches, drawing inspiration from both local traditions and global influences.

List of faculty

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The graduate of Fashion Design is expected to accomplish the following PEOs.
PEO 01 To equip with sound technical knowledge, equipment, materials, and methodologies to investigate all potential applications for value addition to products including fashion design and functional clothing.
PEO 02 To train to evaluate classic and modern fashion design in order to express and appreciate new and cutting-edge technology.
PEO 03 To inculcate skills in effective written, verbal, and visual communication to convey ideas to team members, consumers, and interdisciplinary peoples.
PEO 04 To train to implement novel aesthetic, practical, professional, technological, and educational prospects to support their future designers.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

PLOs are the narrower proclamations that explain what the students are expected to learn and be competent to perform during graduation. These narrate to the skills, knowledge, and approach that the students gain during the program.
PLO 01 Be able to work as a fashion educator and make an academic contribution at national and international levels.
PLO 02 Be able to prepare and display outfits at many forums.
PLO 03 Be able to act as change agents and educate society through their creativity and unique designs.
PLO 04 Be able to develop research to benefit artists, film makers, and fashion designers for thematic displays.
PLO 05 Be able to assess, propose, and apply various modern techniques related to drafting, draping, and manufacturing of garment.
PLO 06 Be able to budget, set pricing, and exhibit their own fashion styles and products for marketing and sales as an entrepreneur.

Program Details