The program of Archaeology at the Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design, and Heritage Sukkur, Sindh, is aligned with the university’s vision to spread knowledge in the light of human remains and the conservation and preservation of the cultural heritage of Pakistan.

The Faculty of Heritage currently offers a four-year degree program in Archaeology. The program has gotten qualified, highly motivated, and visionary faculty to ensure quality education in the region. To interact practically in archaeological fieldwork, the lithic site is reserved for experimental archaeology within university premises. The program focuses on surveys, excavations, archaeological conservation & preservation. The strategic location of the university ropes the program with reference to heritage sites belonging from the Palaeolithic to historical archaeological sites in its surroundings.

Vision Statement

The vision statement of the Archaeology program is to seek change in the social context in which archaeological research and training are conducted through the promotion of interdisciplinary research, protect the past for society, and build a more ethical, and equitable future for the profession.

List of faculty

Mission Statement

The program’s mission statement is to collect, preserve, analyze and display the documented data from multiple dimensional perspectives; to address it locally to global height. To contribute to the knowledge so it may correct, revise, enhance archaeological research, as an active contributor to interdisciplinary research in Pakistan and beyond. The program is aims to .produce trained and skillful archaeologists who possess expertise in excavation techniques, and a commitment to preserving the heritage of Pakistan

Scope of Program (4 Years Model)

The program of archaeology aims to document and explain the origins and development of human culture, understand cultural history, chronicle cultural evolution, and study human behavior and ecology, for both prehistoric and historic societies.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The graduates of archaeology are expected to accomplish the following PEOs.
PEO 01 Focus on the study of early human cultures and learn from traditional communities. who continued and practiced ancient crafts.
PEO 02 Reconstruction of history in the light of cultural material till and beyond the written record.
PEO 03 The program will develop critical and analytical skills to analyze artifacts and fossil records. They will also gain experience scientifically in problem-solving by quantifying the rise and fall of past civilizations or by exploring different. archaeological concepts, theories, and methods
PEO 04 Develop a research design, which has an appropriately humanistic goal but may. incorporate some scientific methods, and the ability to plan and write a research paper.
PEO 05 By incorporating these elements into the program, graduates will be well-prepared to contribute to archaeological research, heritage management, and cultural preservation efforts, with a specific focus on excavation techniques, cultural heritage, and the significance of Indus Valley civilization.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

PLO 01 To Be able to have a broader knowledge of theory and research across Archaeology and the sub-disciplines of archaeology.
PLO 02 To Be able to deal with archaeological and textual sources in a way that reveals a Comprehensive understanding and a critical approach.
PLO 03 To Be able to supervise archaeological excavations, explorations, and Museum. Management.
PLO 04 To Be able to analyze and interpret archaeological data in a rational way that adds to the Understanding of cultural heritage in the appropriate context.
PLO 05 To produce market-oriented graduates (Heritage, Tourism management experts

Program Details